We're all on a journey to discover our spiritual paths. Learn how to be more of who you are as a Divine Being on every level, create a deep sense of inner peace, and find your way forward in this lifetime. 


I'm Teodora Sakulski

I have a Degree in Fashion and Textile Design with previous residence at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, studying under the likes of Professor Dominique Isbecque, Beryl Wing and Carol Davidson, among others. I hold qualifications in Web Development and Design from the SAE Institute and a Professional Certificate in Quantitative Methods for Finance from the New York Institute of Finance.

I have been greatly involved in E-Learning Development, and have worked as a mentor for the United Nations University; the Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) and the University of the Free State in South Africa (UFS), as well as international organizations like UNESCO, and various global companies. I also have a Post Graduate Diploma in UK Law and am currently working on completing my PhD.

My Story

My working experience encompasses all levels of artforms and business platforms – from working in theatre productions as a make-up artist and costume and clothing designer, to organizing and coordinating exhibitions and events.

I am one of the very few artists to have worked with Slobodan Šajin, Aux Maniere as a REPRINT Artist. "REPRINT" (REcycle Print) is a unique art graphic (print) monotyping technique developed from silk-screen printing and created by Slobodan Šajin between 1980-1982. 

One of my great passions is the practice of Soul Realignment® for which I am now a certified Advanced Practitioner. It is an intuitive healing modality which unlocks people's 'Soul-Level Potential,' to live in very real, grounded and practical ways. Through this ancient practice, one can harness the power of intuition and manifest the ability to create the life we all desire.

"Through her #embodyexp program, Teodora has helped me create a system that expresses my creativity and Soul-level gifts, and I am now my own muse."

- René, Entrepreneur

"Teodora's #embodyexp program is a game-changer! I feel confident in my overall appearance and am making choices congruent to my intentions."

- Tatjana, World Bank Group, Vienna

"I am a sceptic. I don't believe in most of what people are trying to sell these days as 'self-help' motivations or quick-fix spiritualisms. But what Teodora did for me was nothing short of a miracle!"

- Sandra, Chief Marketing Officer

Why I Do It

I am a woman of many talents and many passions. My aspiration has always been to teach and work with others to help them portray their authentic self through their personal image. I intend to teach and share my experiences and expertise, with the next generation to create a soulful collective of conscious synergy that will move our society into a future that is awake - green - slow, for the betterment of our human experience and our planet as a whole. I also wish to help with unlocking the potential of AI in the world of Fashion and Image and to help as many people as possible to express their authentic selves. I strive to always be a key supporter in advancing consciousness at every level.


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