Let your average good month’s income become
your average bad month.

Imagine what it would be like to make your current experience of abundance your new experience of lack? Discover how to up-level your average low month so that your average high month will go up automatically and allow your business to become an expression of your Soul's Purpose. 

You are a spiritual Being in a physical experience, not a body with a Spirit

Numerous research investigations have reported positive correlations between spirituality and decreased rates of stroke, cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and general mortality. Start your healing journey today and propel yourself forward into an abundance of vitality and well-being.


Soul Sessions: Step 3, Wealth

These readings and sessions aim to make your business an expression of your Divine Gifts and your Soul's purpose while allowing you to embracing a new financial reality. This includes:

  • Business Realignment for Financial Abundance Reading/Session - Everything is energy, and when you understand the energetic anatomy of a business, and how energy governs the flow of money, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how “business” works! As a highly conscious individual, your business MUST be an expression of your Soul Purpose or it’s just not going to create financial abundance!

• Discover exactly how your Divine Gifts translate into business skills and challenges.

• Know exactly what marketing strategies, sales processes and business systems will align to the greatest available financial flow.

• You’ll also learn about the various ways your soul vibration rate affects the way you MUST manage energy as you do business, and the particular challenges that you face as a highly conscious individual as consciousness evolves on our planet.

• Uncover blocks and restrictions within the anatomy of the business that is hindering the flow of money, new customers, or repeat business.

• Discover what can be shifted within marketing, sales, products, services, and business systems to create more financial abundance.

• Evaluate new projects or services for their financial abundance potential BEFORE they are launched. This can save so much time, energy, money, and potential disappointment. It can also help us move faster and more confidently when inspired by financially lucrative projects.

• Evaluate hiring decisions, joint venture projects and partnerships BEFORE they are made.

• Evaluate businesses for potential investors.

• Energetically transmute difficult business relationships that are creating energetic misalignments to financial abundance.

• Clearing
 Physical Action – Duration: Client Dependent


  • Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading/Session - The Soul’s Manifesting Blueprint is a core part of the Soul’s identity and original design.

• Discover how your Soul is designed to manifest all aspects of the human experience including the exact “change process” when you want to manifest new results into your experience.

• Discover how you self-sabotage by using the wrong motivation to move forward toward your goals.

• Discover how interaction with others can serve or hinder you depending on your design for manifesting.

• This reading/session will give you a grounded practical roadmap to help you create more of what you want including your unique process for manifestation.

• The information provided in this reading/session will result in you no longer practising spiritual escapism but rather embracing your human experience.

• You will also shift your thinking beyond the limitations that we all grow up with within our society.

• You will gain more insight into creating the human experience you desire for yourself so that you can also be a role model for what is possible for others.

• You will receive actionable “homework” so that you can put your Blueprint to work in your life.


  • Property Reading/Session - We are attracted to properties that are vibrationally aligned with us. Properties can be considered energetic “entities” of sorts. Sometimes, when you realign to who you are at Soul-level you become vibrationally misaligned to your property – you’ve changed but your property hasn’t. This will change over time but sometimes one can become quite sensitive to their environment, especially if it is shared with other individuals.

In order for the property to be cleared on your behalf, you need to energetically “own” the property meaning that your free will governs the property. Energetic “ownership” of property follows financial responsibility. If you are paying rent on an apartment, you energetically “own” that apartment. However, you do not energetically “own” any part of the building other than the apartment, therefore clearing work cannot be done on common areas.


• We cannot clear public property, because our free will does not govern the property!

• We cannot clear our places of work because we actually do not energetically “own” our workplace since we don’t pay rent there. The exception, of course, is if you actually rent out your workspace.

• There is no need to be physically present to clear property. Clearing and thereby energetic realignment of the property is done on your behalf fifth dimensionally in the Akashic Records.

• In this session, we will uncover what influences exist and perform an energetic realignment of your chosen property.

• Clearing
None from the client’s side; energetic realignment of the property is done fifth dimensionally in the Akashic Records by Teodora.

  • Future Reading/Session - A reading designed to help you understand the energetic landscape between where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

• Understand what you are truly capable of creating and how to avoid disappointment and heartbreak that arises from unrealistic goals and expectations.

• Look into just how close you might be living to your desired reality and which specific actions constitute the tipping point to manifestation.

• Understand specifically what you can do to avoid unwanted outcomes and how to course-correct your actions quickly so that manifestation becomes a smooth and easy process.

• We’ll look at whether you are pursuing a goal that is realistic based on both its scope and timeframe.

• You’ll uncover how you might modify a goal to bring it into the realm of realistic… or to stretch yourself to your fullest potential.

• Learn how to transcend egoic attachment to future outcomes and become more conscious of your ability to manifest what you want.

• We will work to consciously help you craft your desired future outcomes and what NEW actions you need to take that resonate with the energetic qualities of your desired future outcomes.

• We will also look at indirect new actions and what you are currently doing that absolutely does not resonate to your intended future outcomes. So often, it’s what we do in our family life, our relationships, and our health that actually sabotages our efforts in our career, or what we are doing in our career sabotages our efforts in our health, etc.

• Once you’ve uncovered possible future action steps that you feel are energetically aligned to your desired outcome, I will then help you decide on your course of action. For each possible action, I will look into whether it contributes to a Choice Trajectory that will get you to where you want to go, vibrationally speaking!

• Now that you have a bunch of possible action steps, all of which contribute to an aligned Choice Trajectory, we will uncover what will give you the most “bang for your buck.” Some actions will massively shift your vibrational state. Other actions will only shift your vibrational state a little bit. Sometimes the difference is not immediately obvious! You’ll find out just by how much an intended action will shift your vibrational state.

• Remember that our physical vibrational state is SLOW to shift. You will receive ongoing support to ensure that your vibrational state shifts permanently.

A whole new level of effectiveness in your business! 

If we operate within dysfunction, we end up spinning our wheels. We invest a lot of time and effort without creating much of a result. Recognizing and stepping out of dysfunction is one of the most empowering and productive things you can do, not just when it comes to creating income, but in all other life areas as well.


So Practical That You Can Actually Use This Information...


Are you ready to walk into higher levels of practical abundance?

The key benefits of Advanced - Wealth are:

  • Up-leveling your income.
  • Up-leveling lack.
  • Improved mental and emotional well-being. 
  • Moving forward towards your goals.
  • Time to do the things you love best.
  • Embracing your human experience.


  • 1-hour 1:1 audio conversation in which we go over your Business Realignment for Financial Abundance Reading/Session. There is a Q&A portion in which more insight is provided.
  • 1-hour 1:1 audio conversation in which we go over your Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading/Session. There is a Q&A portion in which more insight is provided. 
  • 30-minute audio conversation in which we go over your Property Reading. There is a Q&A portion in which more insight is provided. 
  • 1-hour 1:1 audio conversation in which we go over your Future Reading/session. There is a Q&A portion in which more insight is provided.
  • 4x Audio recordings of the conversations and a PDF of your Core readings emailed to you.

I'm Teodora Sakulski

I'm your Soul Image Mentor and the creator of the #embodyexp program, a one-of-a-kind online program that teaches you how to visibly express who you are at Soul-level through how you dress and 'show up' in the world. In Soul Sessions, our work together will transform your idea of self from the Soul level, not just the egotistical or physical levels. We'll shed light on your Soul purpose and journey. As a result, you will feel lighter and more trusting of yourself and your connection to Source while living a life of ease.

I look forward to participating in your transformation and guiding you through this magical process.


Soul Sessions: Step 3, Wealth 

Pay In Full



  • Business Realignment for Financial Abundance Reading/Session
  • Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading/Session
  • Property Reading/Session
  • Future Reading/Session
  • 1-hour 1:1 audio conversation for Business Realignment for Financial Abundance Reading/Session with Q&A. 
  • 1-hour 1:1 audio conversation for Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading/Session with Q&A. 
  • 1-hour 1:1 audio conversation for Future Reading/Session with Q&A. 
  • 30-minute 1:1 audio conversations for Property Reading/Session with Q&A.
  • 4 x audio recordings.
  • PDF of core readings.

Let us know 24hrs prior to the delivery of your reading/session for a full refund. No questions asked. No refunds will be given after the reading/session has been delivered.