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Hooray for Bikini Day!

Jul 05, 2021

Celebrating looking good in as little as possible this July 5th for Bikini Day!

Let’s face it; we’re ALL terrified of wearing very little – ESPECIALLY bikinis! They have to be the most provocative and least materialled pieces of clothing available to us, ever! And because we all have our own, mostly unfounded internal and external insecurities, it doesn’t matter whether we’re skinny, medium-framed, big-breasted, bouncy-assed, or otherwise; we all have our personal bikini demons…

For some ladies, choosing a swimsuit can be just as stressful as actually wearing one – we may like the pattern, but the cut is wrong. We like the way the bottom fits, but the top squashes the boobs to oblivion, and so on. How can we possibly sizzle in our swimwear if there are so many factors working against us?!

Listen, and listen carefully: Your figure DOES NOT have to be perfect! Why? Because ‘perfect’ is a state of mind! There are only a few body shapes that we all fit into, and each body shape has its own flattering silhouettes when it comes to swimwear. And bikinis make it even easier to flatter your body shape because nowadays, you can and should choose different sizes and patterns and colours that suit your top AND bottom halves.

Also, if you’re not lucky enough to be blessed with melanin-rich skin, there’s no need to despair; you can easily have naturally golden-brown skin with life hacks like self-tan, hello?!

You may also think that to look gorgeous in any swimsuit, you must be under the age of 25, or you don’t stand a chance… well, that’s just a defeatist and lazy attitude to have, isn’t it? So why should under-25s have all the fun?  

Much has been written about the tips and tricks you need to overcome body anxiety, choose the right style, flatter your shape, feel confident, etc. My course Embodying the Self Through a Refined Lens has an added extra offering above and beyond the normal rules: I teach you to feel sexy in a bikini from the INSIDE as well as out! Sound mad? It’s not! It’s just the simplest thing to grasp, yet the work put in will be satisfying and everlasting.  

Do you want to learn how to REALLY rock your bikini on Bikini Day and learn how to balance your proportions, or at least create the illusion of balanced proportions so that you can always look like a goddess in your swimwear?

Sign up here, and you’ll never worry about looking and feeling good almost naked, ever again!



Much love,



P.S. The image above is of Roman girls in “bikinis,” a mosaic found in Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Armerina, Sicilia, Italy. It contains one of the single largest collections of ancient Roman mosaics anywhere. It has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Women in the Roman Empire engaged in sports, but there were some restrictions. Women, for example, were not allowed to compete with men. And while men were generally expected to exercise naked in Greek fashion, female public nudity was frowned upon. The ancient “bikini” allowed women to exercise in comfort without offending the ancient (male) sensibilities.