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How To Look And Feel Authentic In A Virtual Business World

Jul 18, 2021
virtual business

Let me start off by saying this VERY LOUDLY: Don’t wear your pajamas to an important online meeting!

Why not, you may ask?

Because even though THEY may not know your bunny slippers and favourite silk nightie is hiding underneath your desk, YOU’RE not manifesting your authentic BUSINESS self properly. We dress for success, remember? What success are we trying to achieve, what authenticity, in cutesy bunny slippers?!

‘Power dressing’ is a concept that originated in 80s Wall Street movies – think ‘Working Girl’ and ‘Disclosure’ – full, shoulder-padded, ass-whooping females, just as money-hungry as the male counterparts they’re trying to outplay. And they won. Every time. Because they dressed for the part they wanted. What I’m trying to say, simply, is: YOU will feel powerful, if you dress the part.  

Here are my top tips for setting up, dressing and FEELING like you’re a winner at your online meeting:

  • Lighting and background are crucial. If you can, sit facing a big window. Natural light is almost always better than artificial light. Make sure the light source is in front of you, and not behind you. You don’t have to buy a fancy ring light, but if you can get one, even the inexpensive ones go a long way to making you look great on camera. Pick a neutral or tidy background; this will put YOU at the forefront of attention.
  • Positioning your camera downward will give the most flattering angle. Fill the frame with your fabulousness – empty spaces suggest doubt and uncertainty: you are larger than life – show it!
  • Dress for your SOUL’S success! What I mean is, even if it’s 8am; if you want to wear your big, flashy ring in a creative meeting, and gel your hair and wear your bright pink lipstick as if you’re gonna go out for Margaritas after work, DO IT! You will feel GREAT! Even if, after the meeting, you take everything off and hunker down with some popcorn and ice cream.
  • The thing about being on camera and NOT in HD is that no-one will be able to home in on the very fine details of your outfit. But as a guide: Don’t wear TOO revealing, plunging necklines, nor turtlenecks that erase your neck completely. Also, wear a little bit of sleeve on a pretty blouse, because the arms will be too garish and bare on air. Wear block colours and prints, nothing too busy, nor too drab – you don’t want to be a complete distraction. But at the same time, a cheerful or creative, original and authentic look will be a welcome feast for the tired eyes of fellow colleagues who are definitely wearing their bunny slippers under the table, and who secretly wish that they were winning like YOU!  

Want to know more about how to dress for YOUR authentic self?

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