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July 3rd is Compliment Your Mirror Day – Tell Your Mirror You ARE The Fairest of Them All!

Jul 03, 2021

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” The Evil Queen asks the mirror every day.

In reality, we aren’t ALL that obsessive, and neither do we have the intention of annihilating anyone we think is better looking. In fact, your sense of self; your sense of what is most beautiful, comes from your soul’s realization of who you REALLY are. And it takes more than just a good look in the mirror!

In the spirit of celebrating Compliment Your Mirror Day, here are some tips you can use to help you acknowledge how beautiful, smart, and strong you actually are – inside and out!

  • Don’t ASK your mirror – TELL it! Compliment yourself every time you walk past your mirror – or why don’t you blow yourself a kiss! Self-love is self-acceptance.
  • Wear your favourite colour, put on some lippy and remind yourself just how good you feel, inside and out, when wearing what is congruent to your Soul’s true self.
  • Spend the day thinking ONLY POSITIVE thoughts about yourself! You can start by thinking about what makes you unique…
  • Write an inspiring quote on your mirror, or feel like a Hollywood star and write a sexy note to self in red lipstick!
  • SMILE every time you see yourself in any reflection; anywhere and everywhere!
  • Give your mirror/vanity space a mini-makeover that expresses your unique personality.

If you’re looking in the mirror and find yourself frowning often, maybe it’s time to book a session with me so we can get you to feeling like you’re the fairest of them all, all day, every day!

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Here’s to focusing on your strengths and your Soul’s true qualities! What compliments will you be paying yourself today?


Much love,