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Sophistication On A Budget

May 21, 2021

Not much has been left unscathed by the Pandemic, and least of all, your bank account! Finding the correct item without feeling guilty about the price tag is a thing of the past; nowadays, people find innovative and clever ways to stay ‘above the thrift.’ How can one look good and exude confidence and sophistication on a shoestring budget? 

Here are some of my favourite staples that will make you look more elegant. People will never guess you’ve spent relatively little on looking worldly and polished. 



Wearing a hairstyle that complements the design elements found in your facial features, and modifying it slightly, will make you appear as though you never seem to age. The hair colour you choose to wear will alter your natural colour pattern. It’s best to discover which hues harmonise best with your Body’s unique Design. And then to remain faithful to it!

Got grey? Never be ashamed of your grey hair, as it is often highly becoming if done right and can have a refreshing impact on your looks and wardrobe. Your hair must always look impeccable. Suppose you can’t afford to keep regular appointments with your hairdresser (not just once a month for colour but regular blow waves). In that case, it really will be worth investing in a few affordable hair-styling tools and watching a few Insta/YouTube videos made by hairstylist experts. Some of my favourites include Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1) and Jennifer Yepez (@jennifer_yepez). 


They go with absolutely everything, including your birthday suit! The only rule to remember here is not to OVERDO the bling. Each stud should be no longer than 8mm. Less is more, even with faux jewellery.


Nothing elevates your look like a trench coat. The classic raincoat has long been considered the wardrobe essential every woman should own. This iconic staple has graced stars like Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Francoise Hardy, and Sophia Loren. There is no need to spend all your savings on a Burberry trench; more affordable brands make just as good quality trench coats. For the most classic option, opt for the traditional style that ends just below your knee. You can wear it with everything from dresses to jeans! 


Your hands and nails should be impeccable ALWAYS. Nothing is more off-putting than an ill-groomed set of claws! If you are not very skilled at neatening your nails, shop around for specials from professionals and keep regular appointments. It’s worth it, and you will feel much more confident with the quality and convenience of using a pro brings.

If you really can’t afford a professional manicurist, invest in a classic file, and shape your nails neatly by keeping them all one length. Adding a layer of strengthening polish will help keep them looking healthy. Pretty toes are a turn on, and nowadays, you don’t have to wear the same colour as on your hands if it looks neat and appealing. And nothing beats a French manicure, in my opinion; it looks good on any skin colour and is the epitome of class!


A chic handbag is an effortless way to pull an entire outfit together. The perfect handbag will be in harmony with the design elements found in your Body’s unique Design and roomy enough to fit everything you need. The colour of the handbag best suited to you will depend on your natural colour pattern, something worth knowing, so you don’t just have to stick to black or brown. 


This tiny handbag for after-work hours is a going-out essential. Black is an excellent investment, but only if it complements your natural colour pattern. The colour and shape of your clutch will harmonise with your natural design elements down to the details on it. 


They’re classy and sexy and can finish your outfit with that magic touch! You don’t have to purchase brands that go into triple-digits for you to look polished and put together. As long as the style of the shoe has a pointy toe, thin heel, and clean lines, you’re good to go. Please don’t go too high, though; you want them to be comfortable enough to wear during the workday. 


These are just a few of my favourite go-to staples. Still, there are many more – each one works MUCH BETTER if you know exactly who you are at Soul-level – and visibly express your Divine Self through how you dress to how you ‘show up’ in the world. Your Body’s Design will determine what works best for you visually – so that you can afford to look sophisticated in more ways than one, EVEN on a tight budget! 

Want to find out who you are at Soul-level and learn to dress for less with success? Drop me a DM on social media or email me at [email protected] for more info on my online course: Embodying the Self through a Refined Lens (#embodyexp).

Looking forward to helping you reach your ultimate level of sophistication! 


Much love,