Find the missing piece of the puzzle and get to the next level of your journey

Feel like something is missing? Do you find yourself in what feels like recurring themes time and time again - ones that keep you from your best self?

Find the missing piece of the puzzle and get to the next level of your journey

Feel like something is missing? Do you find yourself in what feels like recurring themes time and time again - ones that keep you from your best self?


Soul Sessions: Step 2, Core

The first part of the core will shed light on how aligned you are currently to your Divine self-expression, validate your spiritual development efforts so far, and point out your next steps. The second part will uncover negative energetic mechanisms that you have created through choice, how to clear them, and what new patterns of choice will serve you in correcting these negative patterns. This includes:

  • Divine Soul Blueprint Reading (for those choosing to start with the Core who have skipped the Intro)  - Learn about the various energetic qualities that make up your Divine Soul Blueprint and are essential to your ability to manifest an abundant human experience. Get to know the positive and negative polarity of each of these energetic qualities and how your Divine Gifts can be expressed functionally and dysfunctionally in your human experience, through choice.


  • Soul Origination Reading (for those choosing to start with the Core who have skipped the Intro)  - The Soul Group of Origination is the second most important part of the Divine Soul Blueprint. Not all Souls begin their journey here on our planet. Some initially incarnate elsewhere in our galaxy before incarnating on Earth. Where we first incarnate does not shape us. Rather, we incarnate for the first time into a star system that is most vibrationally “like” us at origination. Learn about how your Soul Group of Origination is reflected in your everyday life and how it can serve you within your human experience in creating more of what you want.


  • Soul Vibration Rate Reading: Let us know how self-aware you are as a spiritual Being, as well as, from what dimensional aspect of yourself you are receiving guidance and inspiration. The rate is displayed as a number and is measured in 1/10ths that helps you see your progress towards aligning to your Divinity.


  • Spheres of Protection Reading: Identify the spheres of protection that are present now and how many were present at birth. The spheres of protection are layers of energy around us that remind us to make choices that are congruent to who we are.


  • Soul Specializations Reading: This reading identifies your soul level specialization(s) that have been acquired over the course of many lifetimes. These specializations are augmented skills/gifts that are unique to you. Understanding your specialization(s) can help you become more conscious of your spiritual nature and further your sense of connection to your Higher Self and upper-dimensional aspects.


  • Godsparks Reading: All Souls have a connection to Divine Source via their Godspark and this is how we receive Vital Force Energy from Divine Source. Some of us have secondary Godsparks that are a sign that we have chosen a path of impact on the rest of the world and therefore need additional energetic resources. Identify the extra inflows/sources of energy available that can help you achieve a greater impact in your life and with the world around you.


  • White Lights & Blue Lights Reading: White and blue lights are multidimensional Beings that uphold the energy of our intentions for us! We attract them when we set intentions, whether through prayer or requests for spiritual assistance. The more intentions we set, the more of these “lights” we attract. These “lights” essentially amplify our intentions and help us manifest events in our lives such as “coincidences” and opportunities that either show us we’re on the path towards our intention or they let us know that our intention is not aligned to us at Soul-level. Discover how intentional and focused you are in what you want to create in your life by looking into the number of “lights” that you have attracted.


  • Primary Life Lesson Reading: We have tendencies towards certain negative choices based on our existing negative karmic patterns that came into this lifetime with us when we incarnated. These karmic patterns which we ourselves have previously chosen to create essentially predispose us to additional negative choices. These tendencies towards negative choices are know as “life lessons.” It is never the Soul that needs to learn these lessons! It is the ego that must learn to realign its choices to its Divine Nature. Discover your chosen Primary Life Lesson, the chosen theme of this lifetime, and how you can avoid and step away from these tendencies and predispositions to negative choice so you can further realign to who you are at Soul-level.


  • Secondary Life Lessons Reading: All of us have tendencies toward negative karmic patterns that have become habitual over the course of many lifetimes. Life lessons represent tendencies toward negative karmic patterns and are themes of sorts that help you learn, at the level of ego, to express your Divine Nature more fully in your human experience. Understanding your “lesson curriculum” helps you understand your predispositions towards negative choices.


  • Present Life Blocks and Restrictions Reading: Uncover present life negative karmic patterns that you have created through choice and how they continue to affect you in present life. 


  • Past Life Blocks and Restrictions Reading: Uncover past life negative karmic patterns that you have created through choice and how they continue to affect you in present life. 


  • Clearing Soul-level Blocks and Restrictions/Energy Re-patterning: Perhaps the most transformational aspect of this work, dive into further detail on how to shift negative karmic patterns so that you can realign to the Truth of your Divine Nature. 21-Day Transmutation of Energy – Duration: 21 Days. Physical Action – Duration: Dependant on you and taking new, aligned action at the physical level. 

Become more yourself, grounded, and confident! 

Reclaim your confidence and strengthen your resolve to accept yourself for the good, the unfavourable, and the awesome. Give yourself the opportunity to heal and create new positive and aligned experiences. 


So Practical That You Can Actually Use This Information...


Are you ready to feel balanced even when situations seem to want to push you off-balance?

The key benefits of the Core are:

  • Banish self-sabotage and old patterns of dysfunctional behaviour.
  • Overcome egoic resistance and attachment.
  • Make life decisions that light you up from deep within.
  • Release negative karma and eliminate undesirable consequences so you can embrace a happier life.
  • Have a greater abundance of time by only taking actions that support your Soul so you can enjoy the things you love doing best.


  • 1-hour audio conversation in which we go over your reading. There is a Q&A portion in which more insight is provided.
  • Audio recording of the conversation emailed to you after the call. 

I'm Teodora Sakulski

I'm your Soul Image Mentor and the creator of the #embodyexp program, a one-of-a-kind online program that teaches you how to visibly express who you are at Soul-level through how you dress and 'show up' in the world. In Soul Sessions, our work together will transform your idea of self from the Soul level, not just the egotistical or physical levels. We'll shed light on your Soul purpose and journey. As a result, you will feel lighter and more trusting of yourself and your connection to Source while living a life of ease.

I look forward to participating in your transformation and guiding you through this magical process.


Soul Sessions: Step 2, Core 

Pay In Full


  • Divine Soul Blueprint Reading
  • Soul Origination Reading
  • Soul Vibration Rate Reading
  • Spheres of Protection Reading
  • Soul Specializations Reading
  • Godsparks Reading
  • White Lights & Blue Lights Reading
  • Primary Life Lesson Reading
  • Secondary Life Lesson Reading
  • Present Life Blocks & Restrictions
  • Past Life Blocks & Restrictions 
  • Clearing/Energy Re-patterning
  • 1-hour 1:1 audio conversation including 1:1 Q&A
  • Audio recording of conversation

Let us know 24hrs prior to the delivery of your reading/session for a full refund. No questions asked. No refunds will be given after the reading/session has been delivered.