Embody patience and consistency, and have confidence that you are on the right path 

The human body wants and needs consistency.  Consistency is also the key to creating a new and improved reality filled with joy, abundance, and a true sense of fulfilment. 

Discover the absolute you and bring your potential and power into manifesting

Expand your awareness of who you are as a spiritual Being. Find your way forward and grow in this lifetime.


Soul Sessions: Guidance

The purpose of this guidance reading and session is to help you create and maintain new patterns of functioning and promote further energy healing of the body. This includes:

  • Radionics - Radionics is a method of energy-based distant healing, able to support anyone no matter where they might be physically located in the world.

• Radionics is a healing technique that can be applied anywhere, with little or no drain on natural resources and without side effects.

• All life is made up of vital and subtle energies which can be affected by everyday traumas such as accidents, shock, and environmental and emotional stresses. These subtle energies make up the invisible matrix of the physical body.

• The Radionics procedure consists of two parts: analysis and treatments.

• For the analysis, both physical organs and putative subtle energy structures are examined to establish to what extent they deviate from functional perfection. The weaknesses which are revealed are then investigated further to find causes.

• The causes of many physical illnesses can be found in the subtle structures, and by treating these weaknesses radionically, physical problems can be lessened or completely eliminated.

• Early intervention in the subtle bodies can pre-empt the development of disease in the physical body. Except in the case of physical damage, most conditions are found to have their roots in subtle structures, including susceptibility to infections.

• To deal with a situation, Radionics utilises a number of approaches. Flower remedies, colour, gem therapies, homoeopathy, and tissue salt treatments are only a few of the methodologies available that may be used. These modes of treatment are used to bring the subtle bodies and chakras back into balance and harmony, eliminating root causes with the positive effect of vitalising the organ systems and thus the whole body.

Medical advice and treatment are always highly recommended, complement this form of healing, and should always be sought!


  • Life Situation Reading/Session - Designed for clients who want to resolve specific issues that they are currently encountering.

• You will provide a detailed account of the situation you are currently experiencing. You will also provide an account of what you intend to create instead. Getting you to do this part in writing ahead of the reading/session is very important as it empowers you to see yourself as the creator of your experience.

• As unrelated as your experiences seem, they may all have the same energetic root cause. Or there may be different energetic root causes. Discover how many separate situations are currently contributing to your described experience.

• Now that you know how many separate situations are affecting you, you will discover how many blocks and restrictions are contributing to each.

• We’ll deep dive together into what positive choices you can make at the level of action to easily and quickly resolve these situations.

• Clearing
o 21-Day Transmutation of Energy – Duration: 21 Days
o Physical Action – Duration: Client Dependent


Evolve and honour your Soul's Divine Purpose! 

Maintenance is an inherent part of the human experience! By maintaining new positive patterns of functioning we create space for consistent and holistic improvement and growth into further enlightenment. 


So Practical That You Can Actually Use This Information...


Are you ready to live in effortless abundance and ease?

The key benefits of Guidance are:

  • Living in harmony
  • Increased sense of well-being and good health
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • Energy and enthusiasm for life
  • A more effortless flow and state of life


  • 1x Main Radionics Analysis followed by treatments. 30-minute phone conversation to go over findings. Thereafter, depending on the situation, further analysis and treatments will be organized at an additional cost. 
  • 1-hour phone conversation in which we go over your Life Situation Reading/Session. There is a Q&A portion in which more insight is provided.
  • 1x Audio recording of the conversation and a PDF of readings, analysis, and treatments are emailed.

I'm Teodora Sakulski

I'm your Soul Image Mentor and the creator of the #embodyexp program, a one-of-a-kind online program that teaches you how to visibly express who you are at Soul-level through how you dress and 'show up' in the world. In Soul Sessions, our work together will transform your idea of self from the Soul level, not just the egotistical or physical levels. We'll shed light on your Soul purpose and journey. As a result, you will feel lighter and more trusting of yourself and your connection to Source while living a life of ease.

I look forward to participating in your transformation and guiding you through this magical process.


Soul Sessions: Guidance

Pay In Full


Completed every three to four months with a yearly full follow-up

  • Radionics
  • Life Situation Reading/Session
  • 1x 30-minute 1:1 audio conversation with Q&A
  • 1x 1-hour 1:1 audio conversation with Q&A
  • PDF including readings, analysis, and treatments
  • 1x Audio recording of conversation

Let us know 24hrs prior to the delivery of your reading/session for a full refund. No questions asked. No refunds will be given after the reading/session has been delivered.